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Top Chef Bundle Special (until 31/08/2013)


                                 Special bundle price for 20Lt Phoenix & 20Lt Spotfree.

Phoenix is our automatic dishwashing liquid, specially formulated for use with automatic dispensing
equipment to give you great results with minimal usage or wastage. Phoenix is highly concentrated
which means it lasts longer than some competitors equivalent solution.

For the best results use Phoenix with Spotfree rinse aid, specially designed to help with the rinse
cycle of your automatic dishwasher leaving dishes and glass with a streak free and lasting finish.
Spotfree is also highly concentrated meaning you use less to get the same result as other products,
saving you money and time.

ATZ Chemicals is providing you with a special offer, for a limited time when you purchase both
products in 20Lt drum we will give you our special bundle price.

              Usual Bundle Price : $182.60 Ex GST
             Top Chef Bundle Price : $157.60 Ex GS
                            YOU SAVE! : $25

    Call now to take advantage of this great offer!

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