Astro Liquid

Laundry Liquid

Astro is a premium laundry liquid, specially formulated to contain soil suspending agents, alkaline builders and water softeners to give a powerful clean leaving a great result after each wash. Can be used in top & front loading machines in hot or cold water with superior results.

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Astro Powder

Laundry Powder

Astro is premium laundry powder designed to be used in top and front loading machines with great results no matter if you use it in hot or cold water. Specially formulated to give you great results from a small scoop.

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Bleach Sanitizer

Chloromax is industrial grade high strength bleach & sanitizer with increased chlorine levels for economical cleaning and sanitizing. Available in 5Lt, 20Lt & 205Lt

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Pre-Soaker Stain Remover

Eliminator is an excellent pre-wash soaker. Specially formulated to remove stubborn stains from both white and coloured fabrics.


Liquid Extra

Spray-On Stain Remover

Liquid Extra is a pre wash spray on spot remover. Unique liquid blend of heavy duty builders and soil suspending agents which adds more power to remove even the most stubborn of stains.

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In-Wash Stain Remover

OxyMax is highly concentrated powdered oxygenated bleach used to remove stains and give a fresh, bright clean wash for white or colour fabrics. We recommend using OxyMax in combination with Astro Powder or Astro Liquid for the best results.



Fabric Softener

Softex fabric softener leaves a silky velvety property with a pleasant scent to all fabrics including linens, woollens, towels and blankets. Specially designed to reduce static friction and wrinkling to help make ironing a breeze.

For best cleaning result make sure to follow the directions on the label. Majority of our products are highly concentrated.