AntiBac 7G

Anti-Bacterial Cleaner

Antibac 7G is an all-round antibacterial cleaner and sanitizer for any hard surface, great for the floors and bench tops in the kitchen and bathroom. Designed with a germicidal cleaner which kills germs and bacteria. Can be safely used on stainless steel or aluminium surfaces.



Glass Cleaner Machine Liquid

AquaClear is a highly concentrated, non-foaming machine glass cleaner formulated to be used in glass washing machines fitted with an automatic dispenser system. Leaves glass with a streak free shine. Available in 5Lt, 20Lt & 205Lt



Hand Dishwashing Liquid

BioGreen is a biodegradable hand dishwashing liquid which penetrates and removes built up grease and grime from your dishes yet is gentle on your skin and does not leave residue or damage the surface of your dishes.

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DeLux Beer Liner

Beer Line Cleaner

DeLux is a beer line cleaner formulated to be a single purpose solution to clean beer lines easily and thoroughly every time. In addition to daily flushing we recommend using DeLux on a weekly basis to receive the most effective result. Available in 5Lt, 20Lt & 205Lt

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Oven & Grill Plus

Oven & Grill Cleaner

Oven & Grill Plus is a highly concentrated caustic based liquid oven cleaner, formulated to remove baked on carbon, fat and grease deposits from ovens and grills effectively. Not safe for use on aluminium and soft metals. Available in 5Lt, 20Lt & 205Lt



Dishwashing Machine Liquid

Phoenix is a highly concentrated commercial grade dishwashing liquid formulated to be used in dishwashing machines fitted with an automatic dispenser system.

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Dishwashing Machine Powder

Phoenix Plus is a chlorinated dishwashing machine powder used to reduce the build-up of soils on plastic and china. Can also be used as a dish pre-soaker for heavily soiled kitchenware.



Foaming Cleanser

SaniKleen is an AQIS Approved high foaming chlorinated cleaner and sanitizer, specially formulated for use in food processing plants to clean and sanitize equipment and surfaces. Its high foaming quality gives SaniKleen the ability to make contact and spread on surfaces making sure that all areas are clean and sanitized. SaniKleen is safe for use with foam equipment. Available in 5Lt, 20Lt & 205Lt

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Stain Remover/Soaker

SoKleen is designed to be used as a cutlery and crockery stain remover/Pre-Soaker, with its unique formula it brightens, sanitizes and removes coffee and food stains from crockery and cutlery effectively.



Dishwashing Machine Rinse Aid

SpotFree is a rapid liquid rinse aid designed to be most effective at eliminating streak and stains on china, glassware and silver leaving you with dazzling kitchenware.



AQIS Approved Hand Soap

WashAway is an AQIS Approved general purpose hand soap which has been specially formulated for use in food processing establishments. It is food safe and safe enough to be used on the skin without drying or damaging, available in 5Lt & 20Lt drums or pump packs

For best cleaning result make sure to follow the directions on the label. Majority of our products are highly concentrated.