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Drain Clear

Drain Cleaner

Drain Clear is a caustic based drain cleaner which is strong enough to unclog most drains and sinks. The active ingredient targets built up food scraps and other soilage which builds ups to clog your drains and pipes. Not safe for use on soft metals or aluminium. Available in 5Lt, 20Lt & 205Lt


Fastrack C

Commercial Disinfectant

Commercial grade disinfectant and deodoriser which is specially designed to be a multi-purpose all round cleaner which can be used to disinfect and deodorise all hard surfaces without damaging the surface. Formulated with residual perfumes which leave behind a fresh fragrance after cleaning, these fresh scents come in Lemon, Spice & Tutti Fruity.


MegaPlus Spray n Wipe

Multi-Purpose Cleaner

Biodegradable & Environmentally friendly general purpose cleaner, highly concentrated formula which is safe for use on all hard surfaces including floors, walls, tiles, baths, basins & fittings. Non-Hazardous, Non-Flammable and no displeasing odour leaving surfaces clean and clear. Available in 500ml Spray Bottle, 5Lt, 20Lt & 205Lt Drums




Luxurios Hand Cleaner

Rosie is a commercial grade liquid hand cleaner with new and improved formula containing Glycerine which sooths and protects hands. Also available as White Rose for those with sensitive skin. Suitable for use with all liquid dispensers and pump packs. Available in 5Lt & 20Lt Pump Packs 



Hard Floor Cleaner

Skip is a commercial grade general floor cleaner specially formulated to penetrate and lift oils, fats and grease from hard surfaces leaving the surface clean with no unpleasant odours or residue. Formulated with a high quality alkaline detergent which is stable in hard water. Available in 5Lt, 20Lt & 205Lt

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Glass Cleaner

Twilight is an economical and biodegradable glass & window cleaner which cleans and polishes glass, windows & chrome fixtures. Use as a wipe on wipe off cleaner. Available in 5Lt & 20Lt Drums

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Wide Range of Paper Products

Here at ATZ Chemicals we supply a wide range of different paper products and other sundries. For more information call one of our friendly staff today.

For best cleaning result make sure to follow the directions on the label. Majority of our products are highly concentrated.