Construction & Maintenance

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Concrete Curing Compund

CU400 is water based acrylic polymer concrete curing compound which is used to facilitate the retention of moisture in the curing process of concrete to maximise concrete strength & durability.

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Concrete Sealer (Water Based)

Water based concrete sealer. Used to seal newly laid or freshly cleaned concrete, water based to help increase the level of coverage on the concrete surface.

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EcoClear UV

Anti-Graffiti Coating

EcoClear UV is a permanent anti-graffiti coating for hard surfaces. Designed for the easy removal of graffiti from treated surfaces without having to re-coat after removal. This product was designed in conjunction with applicators to make sure it is easy to apply and maintain.

Available in many sizes



Heavy Duty Concrete Cleaner

F100LC is a high strength caustic based concrete cleaner specifically designed to spread across the surface to remove oil and grease from concrete surfaces. A high foaming product that penetrates built up dirt to remove it from all concrete floors and other surfaces. Available in 5Lt, 20Lt & 205Lt



Graffiti Remover (Painted Surface)

G200L is a specifically formulated graffiti remover which removes paint from all porous and non-porous painted surfaces. Specially designed to remove paint off painted surfaces without damaging the surface or the paint.

Available in 5Lt, 20Lt & 205Lt

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HD Concrete Sealer

Concrete Sealer (Solvent Based)

Solvent based acrylic concrete sealer. Used to seal newly laid or freshly cleaned concrete surfaces to prevent water and impurities from penetrating the concrete surface and prolongs the life & reduces maintenance on concrete. Available in 20Lt & 205Lt Drums

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Nature Spray

Anti-Graffiti Coating

Nature Spray is a sacrificial anti-graffiti coating for hard surfaces. Protects treated surfaces from graffiti by providing a removable and re-coat able protective coating on the surface. Designed in conjuction with applicators to make sure this product is easy to apply & maintain.

Available in many different sizes.



Graffiti Remover (Un-Painted Surfaces)

Shift graffiti remover is a fast acting graffiti remover, specifically formulated to target graffiti on unpainted surfaces. Shift is safe to use on porous and non-porous surfaces such as concrete, bricks, marble and granite. Highly Concentrated formula.

Available in 5Lt, 20Lt & 205Lt.



Graffiti Remover (Painted Surfaces)

Strip graffiti remover is formulated to target and remove marking pen, crayon and paint stains from non-porous painted surfaces E.g. Mail boxes, train & bus interior. Specially designed to be safe for use on painted surfaces without damaging the paint.

Available in 5Lt, 20Lt & 205Lt



Sealer Stripper

StripClean is a highly effective paint and sealer stripper, specifically formulated to remove paint from all surfaces and can also remove solvent based acrylic sealers from any surface. Highly Toxic product.

Aavailable in 5Lt, 20Lt & 205Lt

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Tyre Mark Remover

TMR100 is a specifically formulated tyre mark remover designed to remove tyre marks from sealed and un-sealed concrete floors. This is a highly concentrated solvent based product. Available in 5Lt, 20Lt & 205Lt

For best cleaning result make sure to follow the directions on the label. Majority of our products are highly concentrated.