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Master Cleaners Pty Ltd, have been fortunate to have a company like ATZ as part of one of our supplier's. Many times we have fallen short of chemicals and the team at ATZ have always gone out of their way to deliver what we needed to get us by. Eddie Navarro Master Cleaners, Director



All ATZ Chemicals Graffiti Removers are available for a wide range of applications. Applications are suitable for:
  • Small, medium & large cleaning businesses
  • Multi-purpose cleaners
  • Suitable for hard & soft surfaces
  • Use in bathrooms, offices, hospitals



Graffiti Remover (Painted Surface)

G200L is a specifically formulated graffiti remover which removes paint from all porous and non-porous painted surfaces. Specially designed to remove paint off painted surfaces without damaging the surface or the paint.

Available in 5Lt, 20Lt & 205Lt